What sets us apart from other headhunters

Exclusively security.

… represents our potential!

We are networkers, that’s what we enjoy! Our goal is to build a global network of cyber security experts – and therefore we are looking for a long-term cooperation with you. As we can only be as good as the people in our network, your development ensures our long-term success.

Being honest and foresighted with regards to your professional future is important to us. That’s why we have an open and honest dialogue with you while keeping an eye out for the best opportunities every day. Our recommendations are the logical conclusion of the bridges we span.

… is the technical IT security!

Many applicants criticize a lack of know-how regarding the collaboration with recruiters. Our specialization is deeply embedded in our company’s DNA. As we only recruit in one domain, we prioritize our technological understanding and are open to learning new relevant details of the position at hand. This allows us to communicate in a sophisticated manner while we understand the nuts and bolts of the position. We always demand a technical briefing with the respective department in order to give you the latest details on upcoming projects, tools, background information.

The only industry we know better than cyber security is our own industry – recruiting.

In most of the large recruitment consultancies, headhunters are under extreme placement pressure and operate under KPI-tracked processes. Those systems encourage conflicts of interest, as placement pressure oftentimes conflicts with the recruiter’s intrinsic morals and ethics. Short-term revenue may increase, but quality and sustainability of placements suffer. Therefore, we fully reject such measures and see ourselves as highly professional recruiters with extraordinary quality standards – for both sides.

Straight to your destination

First steps into the c.cure network.

Motivation means action

Your first interview

In our first conversation, we would like to know what changes you are hoping for. What would you expect from the perfect employer? Does a change currently make sense for you? What excites you about a new position, where do you see your future and what tech stack do you use?

Your motivation is the key!

You feel uncomfortable in your current position? Let us help you make a careful and considered decision and not rush things. We assist you in safely reaching your career goals.

Everyone we introduce will be looked at

Fitting job offers

Now we know exactly what makes you unique, what is important to you, what your talent is and what salary you want to earn – we only get in touch with you once we have a suitable offer. As we are oftentimes involved in the job planning ahead of the vacancy being publicly advertised, we can give you the decisive advantage. We inform you about the position, about important insights of the company, upcoming projects, team structures, why the position is vacant and perspectives you will have.

If everything checks out, your CV will be placed with the person in charge of hiring while we will informally introduce you and your motivation.

Your application process

We clarify unanswered questions

We support you throughout the entire application process, usually even into the interview. Since we assist many interviews, we know in detail what you should be prepared for, who your contacts are and what they expect from you.

After the interviews, we receive feedback very quickly and can clarify any unanswered questions directly. We do not shy away from perhaps uncomfortable questions, e.g. regarding salary in an open and transparent manner right from the beginning.

After placement

Your contact in the industry

We always remain in contact with our applicants even after they have been hired. In this way, we stay in touch with the people in the industry and always strike a chord with the current situation.

With many companies, we work on a long-term basis and draw on our extensive network we have been building up ever since.

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